A small app I made to track weightlifting goals

2023 June 26

I recently picked up weightlifting again and found myself wanting a particular way to visualize and contextualize my progress, so I prototyped a small app.

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The Atoms of Obsidian.md

2022 September 22

I’ve been trying out Obsidian.md and thinking a lot about personal knowledge management systems over the past couple months.

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Where state goes: React + Redux

2022 August 18

With React and Redux, you should put state in the Redux store and leave everything else outside of it. Let’s explore why.

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The Whitney Music Box, in Elm

2021 September 17

Years ago I discovered Jim Bumgardner’s “Whitney Music Box”. Recently I recreated it in Elm.

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Cracking into open source software

2021 March 3

Until last week, I had never made a contribution to an open source project. Especially since this is a first that’s happened almost 10 years into my career as a programmer, it’s gotten me to reflect on how it came together and what skills went into it.

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Learning by playing

2021 February 24

Recently I experienced a cool first: a project of mine got a shoutout at a programming talk. The project was a small game, and it’s gotten me to reflect on how important making games has been to my development as a developer.

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Responsively converting a sidebar to a navbar with React and CSS

2021 January 4

This is a guided tour of a recent change I made to my own website: converting a sidebar to a top navbar when the user’s screen is small enough. I hope what I’ve learned can help others take their first steps into responsive web design!

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The Technology of Trust

2020 December 30

A year or two ago I read Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and one passage in particular stuck out to me. Prof. Harari argues that trust, in the form of financial credit, was the key that enabled the explosive growth of the modern economy. I’d like to pose the question: what else does trust enable, and what similarities can we discern among all the things that trust enables?

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New website!

2020 December 27

Recently I started a new version of this website from scratch, so here’s the inaugural post kicking off the new era.

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